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Bluebirds6.JPG (46603 bytes)Bluebirds are a passion and great joy for some of us.  As my relatives, family, and friends will confirm, I am crazy about Bluebirds.  I make for them nestboxes, roostboxes, feeders, and all other kinds of contraptions to help them make a comeback.  Now we have Bluebirds in our yard all year round.  It is wonderful to see them every day.  They know me well, and as soon as I come out (with mealworms of course) the Bluebirds come to greet me and follow me as I walk around.  They go from tree to tree as they watch me doing my chores in the garden.  The picture is of five Bluebirds taken by my friend Pam in Abingdon, MD.  It has four females and one male.  Just click on it to see a larger version.  Use the browser "back" arrow to come back to this page.

It was several years ago while working in my garden that I first saw a male Bluebird on the tree nearby.  He was warbling, and I looked at him with great pleasure.  He would not go away!  Finally, I got the idea, he wanted me to make him a house.  I went into my woodshop and made six boxes.  The next day I put all the boxes out.  I was surprised to see him come to each box, look inside, but never entered any of the boxes.  I was very sad.  My wife thought the entrance hole was too small.  As usual, she was right.  I started reading on the internet about making Bluebird boxes, and corrected the size of the entrance.  Immediately, he adopted one box.  The Bluebirds nested three times near our house that first year.  It was such joy...  You can say I caught the Bluebird bug and fever at that time.

I made many mistakes over the years, and I learned a lot since then.  Most of what I learned came from one of three major places: friends who love Bluebirds, friends on the internet and my own experiences.  My Bluebird friends on the internet are members of Bluebird-L, the Cornell based list-serve.  See "Favorites" on the menu on top of page for this and other interesting internet locations.


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Please feel free to send me, Fawzi Emad, any corrections, observations, comments or questions.  Thank you!  (The tail feather on the left is from Koko, our Blue-Front Amazon Parrot.)