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Modified Peterson Box

Construction Photos
Construction Plans

peter5.JPG (42422 bytes)The Peterson nestbox is a well known and very frequently used nestbox for Bluebird conservation.  It is not an easy box to make, requiring special tools and a good grasp of geometrical concepts.  I have built several Peterson boxes from the plans of the late Mr. Peterson [Peterson Box.]  One such box is shown, click on it to see a larger image.  For the reasons listed below, I have stopped using this type of box as originally designed by Peterson.  Instead, I have re-designed and modified the Peterson Box to suit my purposes by avoiding the following problem areas:

1.  The oval entrance hole will allow starlings to enter the box.  In my area, starlings are very common, and on several occasions I have seen them enter this type of entrance hole.

2.  The box is relatively heavy due to use of 2 x 4 stock.

3.  It is a very narrow box (only 3.5" wide.)

The newly designed box uses only 3/4" wood, a round entrance hole, and is wider (as wide as you like to make it, mine is 4.5" wide.)  Take a look at the Construction Photos first, then go to the Construction Plans which you can print to make the box.


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Please feel free to send me, Fawzi Emad, any corrections, observations, comments or questions.  Thank you!  (The tail feather on the left is from Koko, our Blue-Front Amazon Parrot.)