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Heat Shield


This is a very easy to make heat shield for your nestbox.  Make sure the side that opens (front or side) does not face West.  Also, always make sure never to allow the afternoon sun to enter the box, i.e. avoid having the entrance facing West.  Cut two pieces of wood (B/C exterior plywood or sheathing is fine) one equal in size to the roof, (or at least larger than the top of the box,) and another equal to the side.  Make six spacers of wood (about 1.5" squares, 1/2" to 3/4" thick,) for spacing the second roof and side from the actual roof and West side.  Make a hole in each spacer (larger than the screw you will be using, -six decking screws, 1 5/8" are fine.)  Now attach the "second" side and "second" roof using the screws and spacers.  Each second layer will need the piece of wood, three spacers and three screws.  The photo and detail on this page will make the construction easy!

Heat Shield.JPG (37142 bytes)The photo on the left shows the actual box (this happens to have two entrances, but many of my boxes are with one entrance.)  Click on the picture for a better view.


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Please feel free to send me, Fawzi Emad, any corrections, observations, comments or questions.  Thank you!  (The tail feather on the left is from Koko, our Blue-Front Amazon Parrot.)