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fawzi2.jpg (63816 bytes)Here is a picture of me, taken by my wife.  We were visiting the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, it was a very hot day, the ice tasted so good!

FinGndCan.JPG (49419 bytes)On July 13, 2003 we visited the Grand Canyon.  On a bus tour we stopped at this scenic view and my wife took my picture.  The canyon is really grand, one of the wonders of the US and the World.  It is very impressive, some of its layers near the bottom date back 2 Billion years while the top layer dates back 250 Million years.  There I saw and photographed a Condor.  I was told these condors once vanished in the wild with only a few left at zoos.  A program to revive the California Condor is going on at this time.  Approximately 200 wild condors are known to be alive in the wild at this time, having dwindled to zero not so long ago.  It is so sad that one of the very few and precious wild condors was shot and killed in February 2003.   To see a history of the California Condor click on this link.  A most interesting set of Field Notes on the California condor can be found on the this page: http://hoppermountain.fws.gov/cacondor/allaboutcondors.html which also contains much more interesting information on the California Condors.

As I was touring the Grand Canyon, I saw several California Condors, some flew overhead.  I took a picture of one of them with tag #32.  These birds are vultures and grow to a magnificent wing span of 9 to 10 ft.  They are graceful in flight and do not waver like the smaller turkey vultures.

squirrel.JPG (42943 bytes)Squirrels of the Grand Canyon are different from the gray squirrels we have here in Maryland.  This one is a very friendly female who would eat food from people's hands (not a good activity with any wild animals.)  The Grand Canyon is one of the places I would love to see again...


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Please feel free to send me, Fawzi Emad, any corrections, observations, comments or questions.  Thank you!  (The tail feather on the left is from Koko, our Blue-Front Amazon Parrot.)