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Re-Union 04


Everyone had a great time at Kevin and Kathy's.  Below are the 45 pictures, click on each to see a larger view.  These are "medium quality" JPG files, sized down to  800 x 600  pixels.  The original files are much larger, if you like to have one or more of the originals, please let me know which ones and I'll E-mail them to you (the pictures are numbered below.)  All pictures were taken on December 26, 2004, using a Canon Power Shot S50 digital camera.

WB0005small.JPG (71676 bytes)1 WB0006small.JPG (53823 bytes)2 WB0007small.JPG (55182 bytes)3 WB0008tusmall.JPG (65805 bytes)4 WB0009small.JPG (51150 bytes)5
WB0010small.JPG (84420 bytes) 6 WB0011small.JPG (70819 bytes)7 WB0012small.JPG (81743 bytes)8 WB0013small.JPG (70052 bytes)9 WB0014small.JPG (70893 bytes)10
WB0015small.JPG (74602 bytes)11 WB0016small.JPG (92933 bytes)12 WB0017tucropsmall.JPG (59333 bytes)13 WB0018small.JPG (78479 bytes)14 WB0019tusmall.JPG (53663 bytes)15
WB0020tusmall.JPG (69623 bytes)16 WB0021tusmall.JPG (63430 bytes)17 WB0023small.JPG (52726 bytes)18 WB0024small.JPG (58696 bytes)19 WB0025small.JPG (58745 bytes)20
WB0026small.JPG (46866 bytes)21 WB0027small.JPG (53932 bytes)22 WB0028small.JPG (51377 bytes)23 WB0029tucropsmall.JPG (48292 bytes)24 WB0030tucropsmall.JPG (59098 bytes)25
WB0031small.JPG (78629 bytes)26 WB0032tusmall.JPG (71597 bytes)27 WB0033tusmall.JPG (72907 bytes)28 WB0035tusmall.JPG (73767 bytes)29 WB0036small.JPG (72890 bytes)30
WB0037tusmall.JPG (63191 bytes)31 WB0038tusmall.JPG (63392 bytes)32 WB0039tusmall.JPG (74757 bytes)33 WB0040tusmall.JPG (74223 bytes)34 WB0041tusmall.JPG (72215 bytes)35
WB0042tusmall.JPG (71916 bytes)36 WB0044tucropsmall.JPG (81379 bytes)37 WB0045cropsmall.JPG (62340 bytes)38 WB0046tucropsmall.JPG (77111 bytes)39 WB0047cropsmall.JPG (58974 bytes)40
WB0048tusmall.JPG (83555 bytes)41 WB0049tucropsmall.JPG (69205 bytes)42 WB0050tucropsmall.JPG (69299 bytes)43 WB0051tusmall.JPG (63912 bytes)44 WB0052tusmall.JPG (54351 bytes)45

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Please feel free to send me, Fawzi Emad, any corrections, observations, comments or questions.  Thank you!  (The tail feather on the left is from Koko, our Blue-Front Amazon Parrot.)