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I have been a woodworker since a very early age.  I was in my teens when I produced my first piece of furniture, using only hand tools.  As I grew older, I collected many tools making my woodshop one of my favorite places, especially on cold winter days when the sun sets down early, and I can spend a lot of time in my shop.  At such times it is dark early, and too cold to stay outside.

table and bowll.JPG (61805 bytes)The major tools in the shop are: 12" radial arm saw, 12" band saw, 6" jointer, 12" planer, 6" belt sander, jig-saw, an air compressor with several nailers, vacuum dust collection system, two routers, a 12" cross cut saw, and last but not least an 11"/14" wood lathe.  I also have a drill press and several electric hand drills.  As an example of my work I show a salad bowl I made, and our dining room table.  The table is solid American Walnut (Black Walnut) and the salad bowl is made with layers of Birch and Walnut.  The salad bowl was too large to turn over the lathe bed, so I made a special tool-stand (standing on the floor) to cut on the bowl using the out-spindle (the end where normally there is a hand-wheel.)


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Please feel free to send me, Fawzi Emad, any corrections, observations, comments or questions.  Thank you!  (The tail feather on the left is from Koko, our Blue-Front Amazon Parrot.)