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Here is an easy way to mount a monofilament line on your nestbox without danger of entangling birds using the box.  This is good if House Sparrows show up suddenly during a nesting period.  As soon as the babies fledge, the monofilament should be removed, otherwise the HOSP gets used to it and will enter the nestbox.  Monofilament is clear fishing line available at most sporting stores.  I use 12 lb test.  

The diagram below shows a side view and a front view of a nestbox.  You need to put only four screws (pre-drill for the screws for ease of insertion.)  The monofilament is shown in red.  The hanging monofilaments at the bottom should not be too long, otherwise it can get into the entrance and entangle the babies.  The screws are about 2" long so as to allow the monofilament to be 1" away from the front of the roof and the box.  The straight monofilament shown is tied tight between the screws.


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Please feel free to send me, Fawzi Emad, any corrections, observations, comments or questions.  Thank you!  (The tail feather on the left is from Koko, our Blue-Front Amazon Parrot.)