Fawzi Philip Emad (Two Page Résumé)

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Email: femad "at" fpemad.com


Job Objective:  A part time consulting/teaching position in electrical engineering in the general areas of dynamic systems, simulation, system control, digital control, circuits, electronics, electric power systems, and electromagnetics. 

Present Location:  Venice / Los Angeles, CA.

Education:  Ph.D. in electrical engineering, Northwestern University, 1966.


  • Consultant:  (A partial list follows.)
    • David Taylor Research Center in Annapolis, MD (US Navy.)  Research in the area of electromagnetic launchers.  Two launchers were actually constructed and tested.  A third very large launcher was completely designed (for a feasibility study.)  [1, 2]
    • Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC.  Design of a gimbal controller for a special airborne radar. [3]
    • Pulse Electronics, Germantown, MD.  Designed a miniature air driven motor.  This work was of a proprietary nature hence there are no publications.  The resulting motor was of a very new and innovative design.
    • Eastalco, Frederick, MD.  Research on nondestructive testing of anodes used in the production of aluminum.  This resulted in an international patent (# 5,473,248) issued on December 5, 1995 "Method and Apparatus for Non-Destructive Detecting Flaws in a Carbon Anode." [4]
  • Educator:  (University of Maryland, College Park, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering.  Over thirty publications and a list of courses taught will be provided upon request.)
    • 1998—Present:  Professor Emeritus.
    • 1987—1998:  Professor.
    • 1987—1996:  Associate Chairman of the Dept., in charge of Graduate Education.
    • 1972—1980:  Director of Undergraduate Education in the Dept.
    • 1970—1987:  Associate Professor.
    • 1967—1970:  Assistant Professor.

Member:  IEEE, Sigma Xi, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi.

Sponsored Research:  Over $3,900,000 in research funds over a period of nearly thirty years.

Hobbies and Interests:  Woodworking, bicycling, birding, gardening, construction.

References: (Only four references referred to in this Résumé are shown below.  Additional references are available upon request.)

1.      Emad, Fawzi P., Steen, D., Waltman, D., Ruby, W., Superczynski, M., "DTRC Laboratory Electromagnetic Accelerator, System Design, Modeling and Simulation."  IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, Vol. 25, No. 1, January 1989, pp. 170-173.

2.      Emad, Fawzi P., Steen, D., Waltman, D., Ruby, W., Superczynski, M., "DTRC Electromagnetic Launcher With Feedback Control."  IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, Vol. 29, No. 1, January 1993.

3.      Emad, Fawzi P., Novak, H., Condon, J., "Nearly Time Optimal Servomotor Control," presented at the First IFAC Symposium on Design Methods of Control Systems, Zurich, Switzerland, September 1991.

4.      Emad, Fawzi P., Haldemann, P., Nispel, A., Logan, L., "The In-Line Inspection of Carbon Anodes for Aluminum Production."  JOM, pp. 18--23, vol 48, No. 2, February 1996.